Hi Peter

A co-incidence.

Yesterday my son and daughter in law (Alan and Louise) from Broome went to your exhibition at the Gardens. Al had an existing interest in Lake Eyre. They met and enjoyed chatting with Kelly and said no doubt she would remember them?

They were absolutely “blown away”, especially by the images on exhibition at the Gardens and the beauty of these. They also enjoyed your work at Customs House but more so the works on paper at the Gardens.

I thought I would let you know of their enjoyment as I felt sure it would be a welcome story!

Best Regards



Peter, I am so impressed by your photographs - they are inspiring, extraordinary, astonishingly beautiful, and utterly original. As a painter I find inspiration in aerial landscape photography - and your photos are just so painterly that they defy categorisation. They blur the line between painterly vision and landscape photography. Simply wonderful works of art.

Congratulations and thank you for the generous download of your catalogue.

Rena Kelly


Mr Peter Elfes,

Thank you for your letter of 14 February 2011 and the copy of your catalogue THE ARRIVAL - The Lake Eyre Series. It showcases an impressive body of work. I welcome the chance to review your art prints. Your photography is a valuable contribution to a rich creative life in Australia and I commend you on the popularity of your exhibition.

I would like to offer you my best wishes for the success of your future projects.

Yours Sincerely,

Simon Crean 
Minister for Regional Australia, Regional Developement and Local Government, Minister for the Arts.



Hi Peter,

I saw your site...fantastic work, many thanks for drawing my attention to your portfolio.

I really liked the shots of people, but the landscape is excellent. You have a knack for choosing that simplicity which allows the viewer to really understand the colour and form. Your landscape work stands out from the pack for me...one sees a lot of slick commercial landscape photography, but most of it lacks your attention to the essential formal elements of the work. A lot of landscape photography looks like the sort of stuff which wins awards in photographic shows - impressive but with no depth. Yours is definitely not like that...more like abstract painting at the minimal end.

With thanks for your help to Orange Regional Gallery.

Alan Sisley
Director of the Orange Regional Gallery
NSW, Australia


Email: 4 June 2011

Evening Peter,
Just a note to let you know all arrived fine........perfect! Thank you for the signed copy of your book and the RM Williams magazine too. The print looks fantastic and the ray of sunshine and the storm clouds looking like blue sky against the white salt pan........amazing!

I will enjoy every day to eternity.
Look foward to seeing your next series of images.
All the best,
Robert Macindoe
Suters Architects


Email 5 April 2011:

Hi Peter,
We met earlier in the year when you had your exhibition at the Botanical Gardens and I purchased a copy of the salt flats image [A Pause in Time].
I just wanted to drop you a very quick line to say that the shot is now up on the wall, framed and looks as magnificent as it did at the exhibition!! Everyone that visits is astounded by the lack of retouching and the composition of the piece a whole. Having spent some time with you talking about the shot I am able to recount the tale behind the shot and it makes the image even richer.
So thank you again for your wonderful, inspirational work and I look forward to viewing and purchasing more work in the future!

Kind regards
Jamie Heath
Birmingham UK



"Peter, the exhibition is a class act, fabulous pictures. Move over Max Dupain".
Evatt Furney


From the Comments Book at The Arrival Exhibition 28 January 2011 Palm House at Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney.

Well done Peter, great photos colour true to the outback have travelled to Lake Eyre 7 times in the last 15 years every time showing a different side of the Lake. Excellent exhibition Cheers
Deb White

A unique exhibition. Hard to believe that the Lake can be so different to what is normality. There is a fine appreciation of the landscape in these photographs that shows so much more than the usual photographs. Im so glad to have seen this exhibition, thanks

Wonderful photos thank you Peter, reminding us to take our minds beyond the city. Beautiful and mesmerising work
Suzy & Claire, Semaphone,

Peter, thank you for an excellent reminder of how incredible our country is! Your works are beautiful
Kate & Matt,

These photos make it easier to breathe. Amazing! Reflection III (Panorama) and The Illusion Plains my favourites. Truly majestic
Amylynne Whelan,

Refreshing, absorbing, challenging, inspiring, Thank you
Adriana & Jac,

Breathtaking! Fantastic rendition of Australian landscape.
Christa Meli, Eva Maria Misller, St Jallen,

This was fantastic, love the art.
Vince & David,

I went to the Annie Liebovwitz exhibition yesterday and I like these more!

Going to Lake Eyre has always being on my Bucket List but low on the list. After seeing this exhibition it has now moved into top spot. Absolutely spectacular exhibition! Inspiring! Please keep me updated on any book developments! Marianna Lopert This is simply wonderful. Meeting Peter was especially wonderful and helpful in understanding his work and the desert. This is really art - art at its best.
Tom Green,
Westport USA

Everyone should see this. It makes science a thing of such beauty and interest. We loved the whole exhibit and will closely follow the rest of your career, Peter.
Eve Brien,
Westport USA

Truly magnificent! I haven't been to Australia for a while and images like these make it impossible to stay away. Thank you for sharing the sense and diversity of this magical place so perfectly. Good luck for the exhibition in January; perhaps these pictures will inspire a well overdue visit!

Sarah Acaster 20/07/2010
Australian Geographic Reader

These photo are superb & have made me revisit a time when my parents decided to haul my brother & myself out of primary school, hitch the caravan to our beloved green ute to travel throughout central & northern Australia. It made me realise how lucky I am to have parents who wanted their kids to see & experience the wondrous rural landscapes Australia has to offer. But it has also made me dwell on the people my age who are so eager to escape isolated Australia to travel Europe or America instead, but do not stop to think that perhaps Australia, their backyard, has much to offer with things to see, that do not exist elsewhere.

Stephanie Harder 20/07/2010
Australian Geographic Reader

This group of photos of lake Eyre are the most amazing photos I have ever seen. They almost look like paintings. The photographer is very creative and brilliant.

Carol Stuart 19/07/2010
Australian Geographic Reader